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Campaign to End the Deadly Exchange

JVP DC’s Deadly Exchange campaign aims to end DC Police participation in US-Israeli “counter terrorism” police exchanges.

These exchange programs normalize police violence against black and brown people in the U.S. and allow the Israeli government to market the occupation as an effective model to suppress resistance, particularly by communities of color. These exchanges rely on the dangerous, racist myth that safety for some is achieved through violence against others. As a Jewish organization, we feel obligated to challenge the Anti-Defamation League’s leadership in these exchanges, and as an organization supporting justice, we feel compelled to challenge the DC police’s participation in these exchanges. We embark on this campaign to challenge the everyday violence that black and brown people in the US, and that Palestinians face in their homeland at the hands of police and /military forces. Support safety for all in DC: end the #DeadlyExchange.

We aim to end an exchange that shares worst practices, already too common in DC, including:

  • Violent suppression of dissent: Political demonstrations in DC should not face a shower of skunk spray and rubber bullets, like we see Israel use in Palestine. MPD must be stopped from ever purchasing or deploying such crowd control weapons and be held responsible for criminalizing the dissent of hundreds of J20 protesters.
  • Police shootings: In DC, we echo the calls for justice for Terrence Sterling, Alonzo Smith, Javon Hall, Bobby Gross, Ralphael Briscoe, and so many other black people killed by police. In Palestine, where police kill Palestinians with impunity in order to enforce a military occupation, we call for an end to police killings and the Occupation regime.
  • Racial profiling & mass surveillance: We must oppose these intrusive policies that terrorize communities in DC and in Palestine and do not create safety for all. In DC, we instead support the public health-based solutions of the NEAR Act, which include hiring community members trained as violence interrupters to end violence and create true safety.

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